We talked about residential property on or near the Lake..... but what about the rest of Lake Havasu?  Here too there are many factors to be aware of when considering residential property in Lake Havasu.  

Since Lake Havasu is a "Spot" community, meaning that most of the homes were built by a homebuilder for a particular home buyer rather than traditional tract housing.   While Lake Havasu does have a few tract neighborhoods, such as the newer Northpointe or gated, lakeside community of Canterbury, the vast majority of homes were built to the taste, needs and budget of the particular owner/builder.  Though the years, there have been several popular home builders in Lake Havasu and many have built the same floor plan dozens of times.  However, when you consider the differences in building finishes and floor changes not to mention the tremendous differences in the size, topography and location of residential lots, it is easy to understand why no two homes will be exactly the same.

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