Because many full and part time residents of Lake Havasu have a deep love of the outdoors, garages in Lake Havasu are big, as in 14 foot doors and 75 foot garage bays BIG!  Unlike homes of the past, many homes built in Lake Havasu today have huge RV garages and/or very deep garage bays.  If you are looking for a home with a big garage, or I often hear jokingly, a big garage with a home, generally you will be looking at a newer constructed home.  Not to say an older home won't have the 14 foot RV garage doors or the 75 foot deep garage bay, but prior to 1990 it just wasn't a common feature in construction. More often then not, if you do happen to find an older home with an RV garage, it was likely added on after the initial time of construction.  

So, why the big change?   Outdoor toys today, whether it's winter or summer, desert or water, big toys today cost thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands.  So protecting one's pride and joy has had a major influence on residential construction over the past 20+ years.  

Aside from the benefit to the happy RV or boat garage homeowner, the resale for this property type is also BIG!  During the high point of Lake Havasu real estate between 2005 and 2007, the market price for the same exact home, both with and without an RV garage, was on average $80,000.  Not bad when you consider today an RV garage can be easily built for $25,000 to $30,000.    

If you are out driving the different Lake Havasu neighborhoods today, will undoubtedly see several new homes being built.  But look closely; most of the newly constructed homes today are very similar. Most consist of an open floor plan having three bedrooms, two baths and an RV garage. The vast majority of these new homes are being built by investors as spec homes or speculation homes. Meaning they are being built for the demands of the home buying public with a built in profit for the investor.  Yes, the demand is that great!           

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