Perhaps this entry should be titled, The Ups and Downs of Lake Havasu Real Estate, since the subject today is topography.  That one little word that can make a big difference in the usability, cost to develop and enjoyment of land, whether vacant or already developed.

For many of my clients, the thought of buying a residential lot with a considerable slope or a home with a rather steep driveway makes them turn away and often times for good reason.  When considering this type of property I caution my buyers to think twice as there can be some serious drawbacks.  

When it comes to resale, you want your property to meet the needs and appeal to as many buyers as possible; the larger the buyer pool, the greater success of selling your home.  A home with a steep drive is generally not at the top of the list for an RV or boat owner. With many Lake Havasu homes, parking an RV or backing up a boat or other watercraft, maybe difficult or virtually impossible.  For other buyers, the thought of walking down to get their mail or hauling their trash bins up and down a steep drive can be a turnoff, not to mention backing down a steep driveway in the dark of night.

When it comes to a vacant residential lot, the type of home that can be built is often reduced with the possibility of added costs for things like retaining walls or added concrete.  For lots having a very steep drive there is also the possibility of having to install costly ceiling sprinklers at the time of construction.   But there can be a strong case for buying an existing home or vacant lot with a steep drive; The all important view!  An outstanding view is still one of the top requested items among Lake Havasu property buyers today.  If the property presents a truly outstanding view, many buyers will gladly overlook what they see as insignificant inconveniences in exchange for the Lake Havasu view they desire.          

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