One question I hear time and time again is, Where are the "bad" areas in town?  For soon to be and part time Lake Havasu visitors I always tell them the same thing. Lake Havasu really doesn't have "bad" areas.  There are however, certain things buyers should be aware of when they consider purchasing a Lake Havasu home.  I've listed a few areas of concern below, however it should be noted that all homes are different and each property deserves to be considered for their own features and appeal.   

High Traffic Streets - Homes located on or even close to, a high traffic street can be difficult when it comes to resale.  The use and enjoyment may also suffer from traffic noise and difficulty in pulling and backing out into traffic, especially large RVs and trailers.            

Water Towers - While the large water containers scattered around Lake Havasu residential neighborhoods present no immediate issues to the homes that side or are within viewing distance, their visual appearance is more often then not, unwelcome.  Additionally, their presence can make resale difficult.   

High Power Transformers - These large, towering, power transformers will also contribute to a difficult resale and can be rather unsightly.  As far as more immediate concerns, the jury is still out on this one!    

Mixed Use Neighborhoods - Areas where R2 (duplex) is mixed with R1 (single family homes).  In Lake Havasu, building down is permitted.  In other words, if an area is zoned R2, R3, R4 or R5 the lot owner can build a single family home (SFR).  Likewise, R3 can be built down to R2 or SFR.  R4 can be built down to R3, R2 or SFR and so on.  Buying a single family home in a mixed use neighborhood can, once again, make resale difficult.  Additionally, since the neighboring properties are multi family, they will most likely be occupied by tenants rather then owner occupants.     

High Rental Areas - Areas of high rental occupancy tend to lack an aesthetic appeal found in areas with a higher owner occupancy rate.  Yes, pride of ownership really does exist!       

Schools and Churches - Expect periods of heavy traffic during weekdays for homes near schools and on weekends for homes near churches.  Being in close proximity to schools and churches can make resale difficult as well as become a nuisance for the homeowner. 

Flag Lots - A flag lot is a residential lot shaped like a flag, where the flag pole is the lot's driveway and is sandwiched between two homes.  This then places the buildable portion of the lot behind the rear yard of the two homes that sandwiched the driveway.  Once again, resale can be affected here along with parking and other issues that may arise from such a location.         

Commercial Areas - Homes located next to, near or in sight of commercial areas can have problems in finding it's next buyer.  Additionally, noise from neighboring businesses and their traffic can become a nuisance.   

The best way to determine the right Lake Havasu neighborhood for you is simple.  Drive!  Yes, just go out and drive around.  After awhile, you will be able to determine what you like and perhaps may not like in the different areas.  

When it comes time to select your Lake Havasu home, I highly recommend you visit the home at different times as well.  If possible, drive by in the morning to see if the area experiences additional traffic.  Same goes for night.  Try to get a feel for the neighborhood. Can you tell if the neighbors are full or part time residents?   For many buyers, finding the right neighborhood with a nice mix of both full and part time owners is ideal.