I'm often contacted by "yet to be" Lake Havasu visitors, asking about their interest in a Lake Havasu, lake front home. After speaking with them a little while, it becomes apparent that they will be visiting Lake Havasu for the first time and I soon begin filling them in on what they can expect to find and not expect to find in our lake front community.   

One of the first things I point out is, Lake Havasu does not have lake front homes!  Condos yes, but not homes.  We do have a few homes that are close to and overlooking the lake and in many cases, if you are planning on a hefty home budget these properties maybe homes to consider.  In Lake Havasu, lakefront condos are generally small in square feet, most consisting of two bedrooms and two baths, like one would find in Kingsview or Queensbay.  We do have larger townhome styled condos such as Island Mall Townhouses, located alongside the London Bridge or Lakeside Palace, where views from several units overlook Rotary Park, the Bridgewater Links Golf Course and the Lake.      

If you are looking to be within walking distance to the Lake, there you will have several more options. From the affordable units at Xanadu to the two car garage units at Vista West to the high end luxury of Amalfi Villas, in Lake Havasu there are several condo communities just a short distance to the lake and many with outstanding lake views.

Well, that's a little on, Lake Havasu "on the water" properties..... What about other residential property in Lake Havasu?  We'll talk about other Lake Havasu real estate factors to consider in future blog posts.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

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