With the Lake Havasu real estate market currently, very active, how do out of town, "would be" buyers compete for that ideal new listing?  After scanning real estate websites and watching new listings come on the market, many buyers see one ideal home after another get sold, all before they can even come to Havasu.  So, how do you compete with buyers that are currently in Havasu?  With Video!  

Unlike ever before, today's technology has helped level the playing field for out of area buyers when it comes to making an offer and securing their ideal home.  Over the course of the last 30+ years as a real estate Broker, I have so often videoed a home for a client, sending them the private video link, written and presented offers for my clients, all before they have personally viewed the home.   When an offer is accepted, clients then make their travel arrangements to Havasu to view the home.  If the home proves to be everything they want, we then move on to the home inspection while they are still in town.  While not recommended, I have represented buyers that have not personally seen their new home until after the close of escrow.  But with great use of video and Facetime during each and every phase of the purchase process, these buyers achieved the necessary level of comfort to complete their home purchase.  To this day, each of these buyers own, enjoy and still continue to love their Havasu home.